Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Long-Thought-About Idea Finally Becomes Reality!

Tony has been wanting to create a different mailbox for several years.  He had an idea and never had/made time to do anything about it.  Back in December (when it last snowed!) the snow plow hit the mailbox and knocked the actual mailbox loose from the stand.  So, it was now time to do something.

I wanted a bigger mailbox.  He wanted to make it look like a drag racing Christmas tree.  He found a hood scoop online and painted it and cut out the front to hold the new BIGGER mailbox.  (I guess some people call this kind of hood scoop a "mailbox".)

For the stand he found reflectors in the right colors and right relative sizes to simulate a drag racing Christmas tree.  (Side note for the non-drag racing crowd, a quick lesson on drag racing:  A Christmas tree in drag racing is what the drivers use to start down the track.  The top 2 lights on each side are the "pre-stage bulbs".  The next 2 lights on each side are the "staged bulbs".  Then the next 3 amber lights on each side count down, and then when the green light goes on, the driver is supposed to start.  If the driver starts too soon, the red light lights up and they lose the race.)  So anyway, he built this over the course of several weeks as he has had time.  I never got out to the shop to see it but he kept saying it was pretty neat.

Yesterday, he finally got to put it up and finally replace that old, ugly mailbox stand with this one!  I went out and thought it was really pretty cool looking!  And if you know Tony, he doesn't do anything "half".  He goes all out and makes it so it will last and look good.

Today, we went out and took some pictures of our REALLY COOL LOOKING MAILBOX!

This was taken later in the day with the flash.  These are only reflectors! 

This is a real drag racing Christmas tree with the pre-stage and the staged lights on.  See how particular he was in getting it to look just right?


  1. Didn't realize how big it was in the first picture, but in the others you can really tell! Wow! Impressive.

  2. What a cool idea and an awesome product! Great job :)



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